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We are manufacturer of funko pop soft protector, funko pop protectors bulk and custom business. We only use high transparency recyclable and Environmentally friendly PET material to produce funko pop protector, the material thickness is hot 0.35MM 0.40MM 0.45MM 0.5MM and 0.6MM.

We can not only provide easy-to-fold lines, but also Emboss LOGO, and CMYK printing on the surface, and also provide special processes for UV and scratch resistance. The United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, France, Singapore, and Switzerland have our long-term cooperative buyers and agents

High transparency, Glow In The Dark and blood splatter funko pop protector

Easy to assemble pop protectors

Our factory’s quality inspection team has confirmed that our pop protectors with soft lines have 7 times higher assembly efficiency than those with ordinary lines. This widely recognized data, combined with our special dustproof and scratch-resistant materials, ensures top-notch protection for your collectibles.

Embossing your logo on the pop vinyl protective cases

we our customers with high-quality, customized pop protectors that are tailored to their unique requirements. Our team works closely with each customer to develop custom designs and signage that accurately reflect their brand and protectors specifications.

Funko Pop Protectors Bulk

we the manufacturer of Funko Pop protectors bulk, 0.35MM 0.5MM 4 inches 6 inches Wholesale prices. Whether you’re looking to purchase in bulk or just 1000 protectors, We provide excellent service and protectors without distinction. Order now and experience high-quality protection at unbeatable prices.

When you purchase Funko Pop Protectors in bulk from us, you can expect:

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funko pop soft protector bulk-funko pop cases

Table of Contents

Why do need funko pop case protectors?

  1. Protection: Funko Pop case protectors provide an extra layer of protection to your Funko Pop collection, keeping them safe from dust, scratches, and other potential damage.

  2. Durability: Our high-quality Funko Pop case protectors are made from sturdy materials, ensuring they will last a long time and protect your collection for years to come.

  3. Clarity: Our clear Funko Pop case protectors allow you to display your collection without any obstructions, providing maximum visibility and showcasing the details of each figure.

  4. Custom colors:Can be customized with various designs, such as blood splatter, glow in the dark, or even personalized designs. This allows customers to add their own personal touch to their Funko Pop collection, making it more unique and special.

As a manufacturer and wholesale supplier of Funko Pop cases bulk, we understand the importance of providing high-quality, durable, and protective packaging for your valuable collections. Our products are made with the finest materials, and we offer various thicknesses to suit your specific need.

Our production capacity

Highly transparent anti-UV material production line
Highly transparent anti-UV material production line
Custom logo or Blood Splatter printing equipment
Custom logo or Blood Splatter printing equipment
Automatic line die-cutting equipment
Automatic line die-cutting equipment
Protector molding workshop
Protector molding workshop
Quality Inspection Center
Quality Inspection Center
Partial shipping shipment
Partial shipping shipment

We produce more than 300K every day, productivity is always the first driver.

glow in the dark funko pop protector bulk

Do you feel disappointed when your funko pop acid-free plastic protector case display to you without any characteristic?

Do not worry; this funko pop protector display case glows in the dark it can catch your attention. It is a perfect way to display your funko figures or other characters.

This is a luminous display box. All sides of the protector case are printed with translucent illuminated borders with textures, and the transparent window can display your collections clearly. The border creates a glow effect around the entire funko pop hard plastic protectors.

4inches-Glow-In-The-Dark-Funko-Pop-Protector (1)

Blood Splatter Funko Pop Protector: Keep Your Collection Safe and Sound

Blood Splatter Funko Pop Protector
Blood Splatter Funko Pop Protector
Blood Splatter Funko Pop Protector
Blood Splatter Funko Pop Protector
Custom Blood Splatter Funko Pop Protector

Do you like horror movies, or do you like the characters in them? This collection is designed for horror fans. Our blood splatter funko pop protector case can protect your collections well. The whole funko pop premium pop protector is covered with patterns of blood spatter, giving a visual impact.

Our blood splatter funko pop protector case can protect your collections well. The whole funko pop premium pop protector is covered with patterns of blood spatter, giving a visual impact.

Like other Funko Pop protectors, the Blood Splatter Protector shields your figures from dust, scratches, and other damage that can occur during storage or transportation.

Emboss your brand logo or and website

funko pop protection Embossing-1
funko pop protection Embossing

Looking to protect your Funko Pop collection while also promoting your brand? Look no further than our custom Funko Pop Protectors! With our “Emboss Your Brand” option, you can have your logo and website URL prominently displayed on each protector, giving your collection a personalized touch while also promoting your brand to fellow collectors. Don’t settle for generic protectors – stand out with our custom options. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help protect and promote your Funko Pop collection.

style UV resistant funko premium pop stacks protector case

Looking for a durable and stylish way to protect your Funko Pop collection? Our UV resistant Funko Premium Pop Stacks Protector Case is the perfect solution. Made with high-quality materials, our protector case is designed to withstand the elements, keeping your collection safe from dust, dirt, and sun damage. Plus, with its sleek and modern design, our protector case is sure to impress fellow collectors and add a touch of style to your collection. Whether you’re a casual collector or a serious Funko Pop enthusiast, our UV resistant Funko Premium Pop Stacks Protector Case is a must-have accessory for anyone looking to keep their collection safe and stylish.

When the soft funko pop protectors are exposed to the sun for a long time, do you worry that the funko pop stack’s vinyl interlocking premium plastic protector will change color and be damaged by the sun’s ultraviolet rays?

Now, Smart collectors choose to display the figurines in double-sided UV PET protectors. Therefore, collectors will not worry about the UV rays. Let your collections shine in the sun.

The advantages and disadvantages of funko pop acid-free plastic protector case?

protector funko pop advantages:

  • High-quality material- clearboxpackaging protector case is made from high-quality polyethylene terephthalate(PET). This style material is durable, has high transparency, and is the best anti-dust material. It is made of recycled, acid-free, moistureproof PET material.
  • Each protector case has a plastic film- Each funko pop vinyl protector case has a special plastic film that is easy to peel off. It prevents wear and scratches during transportation and before use. After tear plastic film, it displays your collections in higher resolution.
  • Auto-lock mechanism at the bottom-Our funko pop vinyl protectors has auto-lock at the bottom. It can save time to assemble and easy to assemble it. After assembling the bottom of the case, put your collections into the bottom of the protector; it can ensure your Funko pop and other items’ security.
  • Lock tab at the top there is a D-lock/lock tab at the top of funko pop protector box; it increases structural integrity when they fold the case. No matter what happens, the lid will not bounce off. Thus it keeps the funko pop inside always.
  • Perfect size- Our funko pop stack protector are designed to fit the collections perfectly, without other space for the box to move around inside.
  • Soft crease- the folding line of the protector has a soft crease, and it is easy to fold the line and fold the box into shape
  • Multiple thicknesses- We can make thickness as customized; 0.35/0.4/0.5/0.6 mm is common.
  • Packaging way:5/10/20pcs each bundle. Floating pack flat pack, Saving space and cost of transportation.
  • Quality assurance: 100% refund/return goods if there is a quality problem. improving customer satisfaction.
  • Stackable- The protector can be stacked to display your collection perfectly.

pop shield protectors disadvantages:

  • Weight of the protector is heavy, so it is not good to ship by air; the shipping cost is expensive than the goods’ value. Normally it ships by sea.
  • After folding into shape, there is a probability of breakage when falling from high.
  • Although the plastic PET material is ROHS material, but the degradation cycle is long, enterprises with strong social responsibility can use ECOPET. ECOPET can be completely degraded to compostable material in 3-5 years, with the disadvantage of significantly increased cost. The MOQ is relatively high.

Funko Pop Box Dimensions- 4″6″9″10″Inchs Size

4 inch funko pop protector bulk

Protectors Dimensions4 inch funko pop protector size
Inches size6.38*4.65*3.62inches
CM size16.2*11.8*9.2cm
MM size162*118*92mm
funko-pop-protector 4 inchs size

we offer standard size Funko Pop stack hard plastic protector cases with a normal thickness of 0.35/0.5mm. While some clients may prefer thicker options such as 0.6/0.7mm, we do not recommend them due to their high cost, high potential for loss, and heavy weight which can lead to high shipping costs.

Between the 0.35mm and 0.5mm options, the latter is thicker and therefore appears more high-grade in texture. Each protector case also comes with a protective film to prevent dust and fingerprints.

6 inch funko pop protector bulk

Protectors Dimensions6 inch funko pop protector size
Inch size8.07inches x 5.67inches x6.53inches
CM size20.5*14.4*16.6CM
MM size205*144*166MM
funko-pop-protector 6 inchs size

The case fits all standard 6 funko pop protectors. Such as Alien Queen, Viserion, and Baymax Diamond Glitter. It can protect your Pop! It’s safer than the Mind Stone. But that doesn’t prove anything, and we can not promise that our funko premium pop protector can protect against Thanos.

According to the protector size, we suggest thickness 0.5mm, relatively solid.

9 inch funko pop protector bulk

Protectors Dimensions9 inch funko pop protector size
Inch size11.57*8.46*6.65inches
CM size29.4*21.5*16.9cm
MM size294*215*169mm

If you like to collect big Pop! This size fits all regular 9 “pop vinyl records,funko pop 10 inchs protector life-size Groot Pop!, We suggest thickness 0.5mm

10 inch funko pop protector bulk

Protectors Dimensions10 inch funko pop protector size
Inch size12.91*8.97*8.30inches
CM size32.8*22.8*21.1cm
MM size328*228*211mm
funko-pop-protector 10 inchs size

This size fits all regular funko pop 10 inchs protectors! Such as Thanos, Pikachu and The Hulk, and Iron Man.

The thickness can be 0.40mm/0.5mm as an option. 0.5mm will be stronger to protect POP!

funko pop protector 2pack Wholesale

Funko Pop Box Dimensions2packs pop protector size
Inch size18*6.41*3.66inches
CM size20.8*16.3*9.3cm
MM size208*163*93mm
funko-pop-protector 2packs inchs size

One pcs collection seems alone. funko pop 2 pack protector means to accompany. If you’re a romantic or someone who hates being alone, then you’ll love funko pop 2 pack, hard protector. Only 2 pack stay together, you friends will never break your heart by leaving each other as they did in the anime.
There is 0.40/0.5mm thickness as a choice.

Frequent quality problems of protector manufacturers!

Why is the pop vinyl protector you purchased easy to crack and deform?

High-quality PET material is flexible and firm, and will not be damaged or broken during normal assembly. If your supplier uses inferior raw materials or the production process does not meet the standard, the damage will occur.

The protector cannot be combined into a perfect cube. On the one hand, there may be a deviation in the size design, on the other hand, the depth of the lines of the product itself is inconsistent or the size is inconsistent, which is also an important standard to test the quality of goods produced.

The glue overflows on the side of the protector funko pop

Pop protector adhesive overflow

In the actual production process, due to the stretchability and mechanical problems of plastic materials, it is inevitable that there will be glue overflow. At this time, the quality control ability of the factory is particularly important.

It is necessary to have experienced QC personnel in the process of rapid production to eliminate defective products in time. There are many experienced employees on our production line, specializing in QC and QA inspection to ensure the quality of each shipment.

Pop vinyl protector has many fingerprints after assembly?

Because the material is transparent, without protective film, the hand touching the protector will leave a fingerprint.

We suggest that wearing gloves and tear protective and them assemble it. Or you can tear a small part and assemble it well and tear plastic film finally.

Protector was scratched on surface.Unsightly

first, the raw material is bad quality material. itself scratched. The second is the production process of the material was scratched. The third the pop protector was scratched when you assemble it.

So we will check raw material if there is a scratch problem when we purchase material. if there is a problem, we will return the raw material and reorder it. If we find a scratch pop protector during the process, our QC will pick it out and will not send it to you.

In order to prevent scratching the protector during assembly, we suggest you wear gloves to assemble it. In addition, we have another anti-scratch material, even if there is no protective film, the protector is also difficult to be scratched. But the price is higher than a normal pop protector

Why are the material thicknesses different for the same batch of pop vinyl cases?

For the same batch of goods, the supplier must purchase and produce materials in strict accordance with the contract requirements. According to international production standards, raw materials will have a deviation of plus or minus 0.02mm in the production process. Due to the continuous efforts of Chinese suppliers, this data is basically controlled at 0.01mm.

Perhaps, you may not have the concept of the above numbers. The diameter of hair is usually 0.05-0.07mm. In this way, you can ignore the above errors, because you can’t tell from the touch only.

If there is a significant difference in the feel of the protectors provided by your supplier in the same batch, it is obvious that they are cutting corners.

The surface protective film of pop protector is difficult to remove and will break

If the protective film on the surface of transparent plastic material is too thin, it may break during removal.

If the protective film is broken into flakes, it is difficult to remove. Generally, the production temperature of the equipment is not well controlled during the production process, or the protective film cannot withstand the high temperature during the production process and breaks. Tightly bonded with plastic material.

Experienced manufacturers will thicken the protective film and use high temperature resistant protective film to solve this problem. Of course, this will also increase the final cost of the protector.

Therefore, price is not the only criterion for selecting a long-term cooperative supplier. The factory that provides high-quality products at reasonable prices and quality for a long time is our final choice.

Situation that there is no glue on the side of Funko pop protectors?

Since the bonding speed of the protector is relatively fast in the adhesive process, experienced production personnel are required to debug the equipment to the best state. In addition, it is inseparable from the careful inspection of the inspector. Finally, show you the best product.

The sides of Funko pop protectors are not bonded together2
The sides of Funko pop protectors are not bonded together2
The sides of Funko pop protectors are not bonded together2

Why are there snow spots on the surface of the premium pop protector that cannot be removed?

White spots on the surface of pop protector2
White spots on the surface of pop protector2

The technical terms of this problem are not easy to understand. The reason is the static spots are caused by moving friction between products.

Before production, due to improper storage or frequent handling of raw materials, electrostatic friction between materials and vortex scratches are generated.

Secondly, most manufacturers feel that the products are perfect before they are put into the box in the factory. In fact, it is not, because if the packaging method into the box is wrong and there is no completely closed packaging. In the process of long-distance international transportation and turnover, frequent handling will continue the movement and shaking of internal products, generate static electricity and lead to direct results.

We have rich experience in packaging and transportation and have been solving problems in production and practice. I believe we are more perfect than most manufacturers.

Easily foldable lines and multi-layer stacking

Clear 4 Inch Funko Pop Protector 0.5mm PET Case Box Toys Display Packaging2
Clear 4 Inch Funko Pop Protector 0.5mm PET Case Box Toys Display Packaging2

After the perfect combination of pop protectors, the top should be relatively flat to facilitate the stacking of our collections.

We can solve the problem of being unable to stack by adding locks and soft creases on the top


Problems worthy of attention in customizing transparent plastic boxes

Funko pop soft protector Sleeves are protective sleeves designed to protect your collection from dust, scratches and other damage. Made from recyclable and environmentally friendly PET material, these sleeves ensure that your Funko Pops remain in pristine condition.

Yes, it is UV resistant. You can choose double side UV resistant material, UV protection, but more expensive than ordinary materials.

Buying protectors in bulk is a cost-effective way to protect your collection. You can save money by purchasing larger quantities, and you’ll always have a supply on hand when you need them. Plus, buying in bulk reduces the need for multiple orders and shipping costs.

We can add a company embossing logo on top of the best funko pop soft protectors.Establish brand image and improve customers’ repurchase rate.

Our protective film of funko pop soft protectors can be torn off at one time. We know that clients want to save time on tearing the protective film.

There are two reasons why it is difficult to remove the protective film. One is that the protective film used has too high viscosity and too low toughness to withstand too much external force. Second, the raw materials of the protective film itself are poor and can not withstand the pressure and high temperature process in the production process of the protector. This results in complete adhesion to the surface of the protector. After long-term testing and improvement, we have a high-temperature and tension resistant protective film to solve this problem perfectly.

There is an auto-lock at the bottom of custom funko pop protectors. The protector’s case’s line is soft crease, so it can save time to assemble effectively.
There is a lock tab at the top of the funko pop film protectors. It is good enough to lock the lid and keep the collections from falling off.

Yes, protectors can be reused multiple times as long as they are not damaged or degraded. Make sure to clean them regularly to prevent dust buildup.

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