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Are you looking for a reliable OEM clear tube packaging manufacturer? Have a look at Green Packaging. With years of experience in the industry, we specialise in producing high quality clear tube packaging to meet the unique needs of our customers.

At Green Packaging, we use only the highest quality materials to produce our clear tube packaging. Our tubes are made from food-grade PET and PETG materials that are safe for use with food and offer excellent clarity and durability. We also offer a variety of customisation options including heights, diameters, and printing to meet the unique needs of our customers.

With over 700 different diameters and lids available, there is no need to worry about initial costs. Cosmetic tube packaging, plastic tube packaging for food,Empty Candy Cane Tube, PVC tube packaging, candy, gifts, hardware toys, and transparent tube packaging are our areas of expertise. MOQ1000pcs

PETG plastic tube packaging with hanging holes

Gift plastic tube packaging with lid

Custom diameter and height, choose the color of the lid, and whether you need to be hook (selected with round holes and butterfly holes) transparent tube can customize brand printing

Tinplate lid food grade PET transparent plastic tube packaging with lid

Food metal lid plastic tube packaging

The sealed bottom of the metal cover is a food-grade transparent plastic tube, which is widely used in the field of candy and chocolate food. It has the characteristics of compression resistance, moisture resistance, and intuitive display.

Perfume Plastic box packaging 1 - Custom Transparent Packaging Manufacturer

Cosmetic Tube Packaging Box

Used in cosmetic plastic tube packaging, CMYK printing is often used as an auxiliary, and transparent support is added inside to make your product seem to be suspended in mid-air. Widely used by small cosmetics.

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sealed bottom clear plastic round tubes

We have different types of plastic tube bottom seals to choose from, whether it is PETG PVC or PC bottoms, or different colors of metal, we can meet them in one stop.

sealed bottom clear plastic round tubes Tinplate co
sealed bottom clear plastic round tubes Tinplate co - Custom Transparent Packaging Manufacturer
Transparent plastic tube lid
Transparent plastic tube lid with hanging holes
The most comprehensive sealed bottom clear plastic (4)
Round transparent plastic tube packaging

clear plastic tubes with caps

Flat plastic caps, Lids with hanging holes, tinplate caps, and customized printed plastic tubes. Various specifications can be selected, existing molds

Visual enhancement and safety design

The unique arc-shaped edge design increases the three-dimensional strength of the plastic tube packaging while preventing it. Reduce the risk of cargo damage.

The most comprehensive sealed bottom clear plastic - Custom Transparent Packaging Manufacturer
The most comprehensive sealed bottom clear plastic 2 - Custom Transparent Packaging Manufacturer

China's leading plastic tube packaging manufacturer & supplier-the ultimate sourcing guide

Sealed bottom plastic tube packaging and plastic tube packaging with hooks are common plastic tube packaging forms.

As more and more countries strictly control the use of plastic packaging, many customers have to give up selling good transparent tube packaging. In fact, most customers misunderstand plastic materials. Our company has both PETG plastic pipes that meet food-grade requirements and transparent pipe packaging made of biodegradable ECOPET materials that meet the requirements of the European Union and the United States and Southeast Asian countries.

We are also promoting pre-consumer and post-consumer recycling of RPET.

Table of Contents

application cases of plastic pipes

Our range of plastic packaging tubes can be made transparent, translucent, opaque, or with special surface treatments (such as partial UV, hot stamping, or cut and perforated in specified locations).

The best-selling type of transparent plastic tube packaging

According to the structure, plastic tube packaging is divided into thin-walled plastic tube packaging and thick-walled plastic tube packaging.

Thin-walled plastic tubes are generally used in packaging types. With different printing designs and different color caps, the sales of products can be quickly increased.

The thick-walled plastic tube is often used for safety protection packaging, such as hardware tools.

According to the common transparent material plastic tube in the market, there is PVC Tube Packaging, PET Tube Packaging, and PETG transparent plastic pipe packaging.

The PVC Cylinder Packaging container is a material that produces the highest efficiency of transparent pipe packaging, so it is usually more cost-effective. PET plastic tubes are often used in cosmetics and food packaging. The PETG material is a common material for thick-walled plastic tubes, FDA, food grade, medical grade, and China QS certified.

Choice of thickness and diameter of plastic tube packaging

About plastic tube diameter

Our thin-wall and thick-wall transparent plastic pipe series are available in a variety of sizes. Thin-wall plastic pipe diameters range from 45 mm to 200 mm, and thick-wall plastic pipe diameters range from 7.8 mm to 128 mm. The use includes acetate fiber. PETG, PVC, and PC materials.
There are also a small amount of oval plastic pipes, square plastic pipes, and triangular plastic pipes. Existing molds can be selected.

About plastic tube Wall thickness

Thin-walled plastic tubes are usually made of plastic materials with a minimum thickness of 0.20MM and a maximum thickness of 0.50MM.

Thick-walled plastic tubes are made with a minimum of 0.3mm, and the thickest can reach a wall thickness of 3-5mm.

Plastic tube diameter (existing mold)Wall thicknessSealed bottom with lid
Ф880.55MM √ 
Ф58.50.50MM √ 
Ф570.50MM √ 
Ф47.50.40MM √ 
Ф470.40MM √ 
Ф45PC0.40MM √ 
Ф35PC0.40MM √ 
Ф29.50.40MM √ 
Ф270.40MM √ 
Ф25.40.50MM √ 
Ф240.50MM √ 
Ф20.20.40MM √ 
Ф19.60.40MM √ 
Ф18.60.40MM √ 
Ф120.30MM √ 

Use scenarios of plastic tube packaging

Clear Plastic Tubes - Thin Wall

Our transparent plastic thin-walled tube provides an excellent moisture barrier and protects the contents from damage during transportation, allowing it to maintain a good appearance in the store. Our standard transparent thin-walled plastic tube display packaging is suitable for:

  • Confectionery plastic Tube Packaging
  • Wig Round tube packaging
  • Cosmetics Packaging
  • Gift Packaging
  • Food clear packaging tubes
  • Toys plastic tube packaging manufacturers
  • Crafts and Beads Tubes suppliers
  • Toiletry Items round clear packaging tubes
  • Bath Products clear plastic cylinder packaging
  • Stationery round plastic tube containers

We are one of the large-scale manufacturers specializing in the production of transparent plastic boxes and plastic tubes in China.

Clear Plastic Tubes - Thick Wall

Our thick-walled transparent plastic pipe is also a leader in the industry, with more than 20 technical engineers who have been in the industry for more than 10 years. The thick-walled plastic pipe is used to protect and store heavy industrial components to provide ideal packaging.

Our industrial-strength tube packaging series are made of strong PVC or PETG, which can withstand splitting or cracking under typical transportation and storage conditions.

This series of sturdy seamless squeeze tube packaging is suitable for transporting or storing heavier items, including:

  • Cutting Tools plastic cylinder packaging tubes
  • Bearings clear cylinder packaging
  • Fishing Rods round tube containers
  • Auto and Engineering Parts tube packaging
  • Mailing acetate cylinder packaging

Application scenarios of transparent plastic tube packaging

Cosmetic plastic tube packaging

Clear tube packaging is also widely used in the field of cosmetics. More and more perfumes, beauty sponges, and makeup tools use round packaging.

Food plastic tube packaging

Biscuits, pastries, candies, truffle desserts, and chocolate brands often choose round packaging

We can manufacture food grade plastic lids with hanging holes and flat surfaces and tinplate metal lids (various colors)

The bottom can be completely sealed with plastic and tinplate lids, you only need to simply load the product to present a beautiful package.

For events or large-scale festivals like Christmas, we have also specially developed plastic tube packaging for canes for candies.

Degradable transparent tube packaging is also a special form of wig packaging. More and more brands choose our transparent tube wig packaging, which is not only small in size but can also be hung for display.

Metal seal bottom, transparent round tube, and metal lid. It is the result of your bounce bath products.

The transparent sealed bottom and various color plastic covers are also a perfect match.

Transparent plastic boxes, blister packaging and mailer boxes are also popular packaging styles for bomb baths

The transparent plastic packaging golf ball can not only visually see the ball, but also increase the bottom cushioning and ball spike assembly gift set.

A flat surface without hooks or a cover with hooks can be used to facilitate display in various scenes. We have ready-made molds for our transparent plastic tubes and lids (various colors), so don’t worry. More golf packaging designs

Beauty tools plastic tube clear packaging

Sharp and compact beauty tools are always inadvertently lost or accidentally injured. The transparent tool tube can not only store tools safely, but also allows you to intuitively view and select the tools you need. It is waterproof and wear-resistant, and can be directly used.

t-shirt clear pvc tube packaging

It is undoubtedly a great invention to use a completely transparent plastic tube to pack t-shirts, which can not only store your t-shirts neatly but also ensure cleanliness. With a variety of printing, it is called a gift set.We also create semi-transparent frosted PVC plastic tube T-shirt packing tube.

T-shirt transparent plastic packaging tube2

If you want to add something golden or silver, the cylinder of the tinplate lid is undoubtedly a good design. The transparent cylinder is coupled with different printing designs. The bottom metal lid seals the top lid can be opened arbitrarily.The transparent cylinder can be made of PVC or PET as well as ECOPET and RPET

Tinplate lid t-shirt round packaging tube

If you want your packaging box to have a hazy beauty, the pvc frosted plastic tube is undoubtedly the best design to give your tee a hazy beauty. The surface of the material has fine frosted particles and it feels great.

Frosted plastic tube t-shirt packaging box

Toothbrush transparent round tube packaging

If you want your toothbrush to have attractive packaging and a safe and clean space, our Sealing bottom with flat cover or hook cover round packaging tube is an excellent design. We help multiple toothbrush brands to improve their effectiveness. The surface can be printed with the content you need, and it can be made into a completely transparent or partially transparent design.

The bottom is completely sealed, and there is no need to worry about omissions or accidental fall off during transportation and display time. We recommend using PETG material that meets food-grade requirements, and we usually produce it in the same way. Toothbrushes and suits especially suitable for travel, we can design and present different combinations for you.

Metal plastic gift can packaging with handle

There are various forms of packaging for Christmas gifts, but there are surprises and special packaging. Large plastic cans with handles are not common styles.Only more focused on plastic tube packaging manufacturing factories will set foot in this field. We specialize in transparent packaging for 12 years, and can design and manufacture packaging tubes that conform to safety and trend.

Rich experience in international transportation

We are good at handling FOB and CIF freight, and our freight department is also operating almost every day to convert goods all over the world. Due to the relatively large volume of round pipes, they are usually delivered to customers by sea. Even when the global capacity of the new coronavirus is tight, we can still ensure that every customer is shipped and delivered on schedule. This is due to the tacit understanding and richness of the team. Shipping experience.



Problems worthy of attention in custom plastic tube packaging

Usually, we choose the appropriate style based on your internal product size and type, such as whether you need to fully transparent or partially display the product and whether the matte material is more suitable. And whether there is high-temperature resistance or low-temperature resistance and whether there are food-grade requirements.

You can observe in detail some of the past successful cases we have shown above, and perhaps give you some inspiration. You can also directly contact us for online sales and rapid production design.

First of all, you must choose the material according to your own products. Food products must require suppliers to meet the requirements of food-grade materials. For products with larger diameters, the thickness of the material must be increased accordingly.
If you have special requirements for the use environment, you can also choose high temperature resistance or low temperature resistance and anti-fog materials. Biodegradable and compostable materials are also the choice of many customers.

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