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We are the manufacturer of biodegradable Wax Melt clamshells molds. We have square, round and heart-shaped molds in stock. You can also customize the structure and brand logo. Some high-quality sellers and craftsmen of Amazon are our long-term partners.

5 cavity snap bar clamshell Pack

Rectangular 5-cavity snap bar with logo mold customization manufacturer.

A small amount of mold cost investment can be repeated many times

China’s professional wax melts molds supplier

Custom LOGO MOQ5000PCS,No LOGO MOQ1000 pieces

5 cavity snap bar with logo

5 cavity snap bar with logo

Magpasadya 5 cavity snap bars with your own brand.

Only a small amount of mold development cost needs to be paid, that is, branding can be realized.

Global delivery, made in China.Eco transparent material

Custom LOGO MOQ5000PCS.

6 cavity square wax melt clamshell

Karaniwan, there is stock, you can contact to buy directly. We have rich experience in shipping, no matter which country you are in, you can easily receive the goods while sitting at home. MOQ1000PCS

clamshell packaging for wax melts
eco friendly clamshell packaging for wax melts

wax melting heart-shaped plastic container

Generally available in stock, you can contact to buy directly. The heart-shaped structure is very suitable for use at anniversaries or festivals. It does not contain scented candles and is an empty plastic container. MOQ1000PCS.

6 cavity round wax melt containers

Round candle shell molds are also one of the popular candle containers. We have a large inventory and can be shipped directly without waiting and developing mold costs. Siyempre, you need to customize the LOGO or brand on it, don’t hesitate to contact us.MOQ1000PCS

round wax melt containers

wax melt clamshell molds Shape and brand logo custom

Customize your own wax melts molds / containers brand logo

Certification logo

Wax melt clamshell packaging -Ultimate Guide

wax melts Molds-Containers2

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About our Wax melt clamshell packaging

Green plastic packaging Co., Ltd. is a professional packaging factory manufacturer, we have been engaged in the packaging industry for more than 10 taon, I believe we can meet your various packaging needs.

Wax melts clamshell is the best packaging for snap bar Clamshell packaging. It is not only packaging but also can be the molds for making the wax melt. That’s means when you make the eco friendly wax melts packaging, you also complete the packaging of the product. In this way, you can more easily make the wax melt into a complete product, quickly open the market and sell it. This is the reason why biodegradable wax melt packaging is so popular in the market.

If you want to start a wax melt business, you may wish to read our article to learn more details and prepare for your business.

What is eco friendly clamshell packaging for wax melts?

The wax melts is a fragrance product, just like the scented candle. If you use wax melting at home, it can make your home full of fragrance. Wax melting is to heat soy wax or paraffin to melt, add the flavor you want, and then pour it in the mold to cool and fix, you can get a perfect wax melt.

Why is wax melting popular?

Compared with the use of traditional scented candles, wax melting seems more convenient and safe. Scented candles have wicks and need to be lit, which is easy to pose a fire hazard if there are children or pets in the house. The wax melts don’t need to ignite, as long as it is placed on a special heater, it will gradually melt and give off fragrance.

The kinds of snap bar clamshell packaging

We have a variety of styles for you to choose from, which can meet your different needs. If you want some unique design and logo, we can also customize it for you. Below are some of our different shapes of wax melt clamshell packaging.

6 cavity square wax melt clamshell, is the most widely used and popular universal square recyclable wax melt packaging on the market

clamshell packaging for wax melts
6 cavity square wax melt clamshell sizeCavity size
6 square wax melt clamshell size

6 cavity round wax melt containers, This is also a very basic melt clamshell, which comes in 6 round shapes with larger cavities than the square one.

round wax melt containers

6 cavity round wax melt clamshell size

Cavity size
6 round wax melt clamshell size

6 cavity wax melt plastic container, it’s a very cute heart shape. This one will more attract people’s attention, weddings, anniversaries, valentine’s day are very popular.

eco friendly clamshell packaging for wax melts
6 cavity wax melt clamshell sizeCavity size
6 heart wax melt clamshell size

Round Wax Melts clamshell container 5 heart Cavity. This product is a custom-made product, and the size is made according to your needs.

Round Wax Melts clamshell container 5 heart Cavity

Rectangle wax melt snap bar packaging 5 cavity

Rectangle wax melt snap bar packaging 5 cavity

wax snap bar packaging 5 cavity, This snap bar wax melt clamshell packaging is one of the more popular styles these days, and customers can choose to have their logo engraved on the middle circle.

wax melt packaging 3 - Custom Transparent Packaging Manufacturer

Custom your desired empty biodegradable packaging for wax melts

We can not only customize the logo for you but also accept the customization of the shape, laki, thickness of the eco friendly wax melt plastic packaging. If you have a special style and idea, You can leave us a message or email. We have professional designers who can draw design drawings according to your requirements.

The advantages of wax melt clamshell packaging

Wax melt clamshell packaging is very convenient and easy to use. It can be used either as packaging and as molds for wax melt. All you have to do is pour the wax into the blister and wait for it to cool and form, then you get a wonderful wax melt. When you need to use wax melt, you can take one piece out of the cavity and put the rest back into the wax melt container for further storage. If you have your brand, you can design your logo, print it out, and stick it on your wax melt clamshell. Then you can get a perfect wax melt product to open your market.

The material and thickness of the wax melts packaging

We use PET material, PET is a recyclable material, non-toxic and tasteless. Although the PET material can withstand high temperatures up to 150 degrees, the candle blister needs to be used at a temperature below 80 degrees Celsius, otherwise, the plastic clamshell will be deformed by heat. Samakatuwid, we suggest that after the soy wax is completely melted, it should be cooled slightly before pouring it into the wax melt packaging, to avoid blister deformation which will affect the aesthetics and leakage of the melted wax.
If you are worried that the wax melt plastic container is too thin, causing the clamshell to leak when the wax is poured into it? Please rest assured that the thickness of our wax melt bar packaging is at least 0.5mm, which is enough to perfectly support the wax melting process. Siyempre, you can also customize thicker candle blisters from us

How to open a wax melt clamshell more easily?

In order to prevent the wax melt from falling off easily in transportation, some companies will make the buckle of the eco friendly wax melt packaging tighter, which will cause a little difficulty to open the lid. If you are worried that it will be difficult to open the lid, try closing and opening the lid several times before pouring the wax to open the lid more easily. Our company’s mold has been tested and feedback by many customers, and adjusted buckle to the tightness that most consumers are satisfied with. Even the lady who has done nail art can open and close smoothly, so you can use it safely.

How to take out wax melt from the container more easily?

If you are new to wax melt production and the temperature control is not good enough, it is very likely that a situation will occur, that is, it is difficult to separate the wax melt from the clamshell cavity.
How to take out wax melt from the container more easily? I can share with you a little trick, that is, put the wax melt in the refrigerator and wait for 10-15 minutes. The wax melt will be completely solidified. At this time, you can easily take out the wax melt.

How to control the concentration of wax melting fragrance?

Many people have different sensitivity to scent. How to adjust the aromatherapy flavor to your best concentration? The wax melting clamshell packaging generally has 5 or 6 separated wax blocks, which is about 0.4OZ each. If you think the fragrance is too strong, you can cut the wax block in half and use it, and the fragrance will become weaker.
If your home is larger, you can add another piece of wax to melt on the wax heater, so that the fragrance will become stronger. When you don’t need fragrance, turn off the heater, the wax will melt and solidify again, and you can reuse it next time

The smell of wax melt plastic packaging

When we were doing market research, we found that some people in the market reported that the wax melt container packaging had a plastic smell. Why is this?

Because the more inferior plastics will have a greater smell, the smell of recycled plastics will also be greater than the smell of brand new materials. Our company uses a brand-new PET material, it is eco-friendly clamshell packaging for wax melts, so you don’t have to worry about smells.
If you are very unfortunate now, you have already purchased a batch of plastic wax snap bar packaging. We can share some tips for deodorizing with you.

a. Keep air circulation. If your blister has a plastic smell, you can put it in a cool and ventilated place outdoors, so that the wind can take away most of the smell.

b. Put a few bags of activated carbon in the clamshell package and use the adsorption of activated carbon to eliminate a peculiar smell.

c. The peel of grapefruit and orange can also absorb a peculiar smell, and putting the peel in the wax melt packaging storage place can also eliminate some of the plastic smell. Siyempre, you can also leave the peel in the refrigerator to absorb the peculiar smell.

Another situation is that the plastic clamshell may conflict with the smell of the flavor you added, resulting in a different flavor.

When you smell a peculiar smell, you can try adding another fragrance to see how effective it is.

Transportation of wax melt clamshell packaging

Some customers feedback that when they were transporting the clamshell wax melt containers, the corners of the blister at the bottom were easily dented by the weight. As a blister manufacturer, how do we ensure that we avoid dents during blister transportation?
We generally use nested transportation to transport the blister/clamshell and then stack the blister upright to keep the damage to a minimum.

Safe overlapping packaging Wax Melt clamshell packaging
Safe overlapping packaging Wax Melt clamshell packaging

unique wax melt packaging Inventory, delivery, and spare parts

Now we have 6 packs of the square, puso, and round wax melt tart containers in stock. If you need more quantity, you can contact us first and we will check if there is enough stock.

If you want to customize wax melting clamshell, our delivery time is generally 8-12 working days after confirming the design.

And we will provide 1% spare packaging, that is, if you order 3000 products, we will provide 30 spare parts.


Problems worthy of attention in customizing wax melt clamshell packaging

Use our crystal clear Clamshell mold to quickly and easily melt the wax. Our Clamshells can withstand 80 ° C. It can be recovered by any recycling center of the roadside, which is environmentally friendly degradable material.

If you want to place an order, you can contact any of our sales staff. If possible, please provide details of your request as clearly. So we can give you a quotation as soon as possible. For design or further discussion, it is best to contact us via WhatsApp, or other online means to prevent delays Email[email protected]

We are an OEM manufacturer specializing in the production of packaging boxes for more than ten years, covering A total area of more than 2,000 square meters in Shenzhen! Our factory has passed IS09001:2000, SGS factory inspection. We provide one-stop packaging solution services from design to delivery of the goods! Our advanced complete set of equipment ensures the competitive quality and price!

1) The style of the wax melt clamshell, such as 6 squares /6 hearts
2) Material and thickness. Universal wax melt clamshell material and thickness is PET, 0.5mm.
3) Logo design.
4) Dami. Karaniwan, our minimum order quantity of universal style is 1000pcs. The MOQ for the custom product is 3000pcs.

Yes, Generally simple logo and text are no problem. So please first communicate with our sales staff to see if your logo is suitable to be printed on the blister.

After you provide a detailed quotation request, we will usually reply with the price within 6-12 oras. Karaniwan, the real-time chat software communication will get a faster response, salamat.

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Custom samples normally need 5-7 nagtatrabaho araw. Existing stock samples need 1-2 mga araw.

To be honest, it depends on the number of orders and the season in which you place them. If 3000pcs, generally 7-15 days.50,000-100,000 pieces, we will usually complete them within 15-20 mga araw.

We accept EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, DDU, DDP, atbp. You can choose what is most convenient or cost-effective for you.

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