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funko pop protectors bulk Manufacturer

We are a direct factory of Funko Pop cases bulk wholesale, a manufacturer specializing in Funko Pop cases for 12 years, we can help you build your brand and increase your profits.

  • Factory over 12 years
  • Soft folding lines
  • Auto-closing bottom
  • Custom brand embossing
  • Blood splatter and glow-in-the-dark support
  • 4 inch/6 inch/10 inch/2 pack/3 pack/Movie Moments Protector/Ride/Deluxe/Dorbz/Rock Candy/PEZ/5 Star/Cosbaby/Pocket Keychain
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pop vinyl protector manufacturing equipment and process

We are different from most wholesalers because we are an integrated design, manufacturing, sales and printing factory.

We not only sell 4-inch, 6-inch and 2-pack hot styles. And we offer any size and brand embossing and blood splatter glow in the dark funko pop casesb protector. 0.35MM 0.40MM 0.45MM 0.5MM and 0.6MM.

Raw material - Custom Transparent Packaging Manufacturer

Highly transparent anti-UV material production line

Roland UV printing machine - Custom Transparent Packaging Manufacturer

Custom logo or Blood Splatter printing equipment

Automatic line die-cutting equipment

Automatic line die-cutting equipment

Funko Pop Protectors molding workshop

Funko Pop Protectors molding workshop

Pop Protectors Quality Inspection Center

Pop Protectors Quality Inspection Center

Protector container FOB

funko pop cases bulk container FOB

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Our Foundation Guarantee

We are one of the largest manufacturers of funko pop protectors bulk in China. In order to maintain our excellent cost advantage in the market, we have no distributors worldwide and all purchasers’ goods are manufactured and shipped directly from our factory.

  • Eco-friendly, 100% Recyclable PET material
  • Ultraviolet light (UV) protection
  • Crystal clear
  • Easy-peel protective film
  • Push-lock tab
  • 0.35MM 0.40MM 0.45MM 0.5MM and 0.6MM.

Customized business of pop protectors

Blood Splatter Funko Pop Protectors Bulk

Our blood splatter funko pop protector case can protect your collections well. The whole funko pop premium pop protector is covered with patterns of blood spatter, giving a visual impact.

Like other Funko Pop protectors, the Blood Splatter Protector shields your figures from dust, scratches, and other damage that can occur during storage or transportation.

Blood Splatter Funko Pop Protector
Blood Splatter Funko Pop Protector

Glow In The Dark Funko Pop Protectors Bulk

This is a luminous funko pop cases. all four sides of the case are printed with a textured luminous border, which can be fluorescent, green red or any color you want, the border creates a luminous effect around the entire funko pop hard plastic case.

Blood Splatter Funko Pop Protector
4inches Glow In The Dark Funko Pop Protector 1 - Custom Transparent Packaging Manufacturer

funko pop protectors case Brand embossing

Make your brand embossed in any location
Embossing not only saves your brand money, but it also makes it more difficult to imitate and counterfeit. Our unique and clear embossing technology is an anti-counterfeiting technique that is difficult to imitate.

funko pop protection Embossing 1 - Custom Transparent Packaging Manufacturer
funko pop protection Embossing - Custom Transparent Packaging Manufacturer

Partnering with more technically and price-competent suppliers

After confirming the order ,your orders will be arranged to produce at once and goods will be shipped to you fastly. If needed, we can also provide cost-effetive cheap shipping way for you too. Click the buttons below, and let’s grow your funko pop protectors brand together.

pop protectors daily production video

Wholesale pop protectors at affordable prices

We produce in units of 50K or even 100K at a time to achieve the most economical production cost, and then sell directly from the factory to buyers all over the world.
This means that whether you are a brand name seller or a small business owner, you can get competitive sourcing costs with our company.

Take the price of 4-inch pop protectors bulk as an example:

Protector thicknessQuantityWholesale price


Bulk funko protectors

0.5mm hard thickness . This is the most popular hard strong thickness we often do for bulk funko protectors customers .But there are other various thickness ,such as 0.35mm,0.4mm,0.45mm, these thickness are also existing on markets.They are also good for making the funko pop protectors

Yes, we make it easy for you to put your logo on the Acid Free Funko Pop case for your brand. We have 3 ways to customize your logo on it. They are: print, emboss or gold foil your logo protector on the pet plastic Funko Pop.

Our funko pop vinly protector is made of acid-free PET transparent plastic material, which is made of environmentally friendly, recyclable plastic with plastic number 1

Of course, standard samples can be provided free of charge for you to check their quality. And for custom funko pop protectors, such samples will be charged first, after which the sample cost will be refunded to you after you confirm your order.

If you purchase a hot protector, we usually have a large quantity in stock (no brand identification). If you want to customize your own brand, it usually takes 1-2 weeks depending on the manufacturing quantity. shipping time: samples are usually shipped by international express 3-5 working days. bulk funko pop protectorst are usually shipped by more economical sea or train and international carriage service. The general time is 25-40 working days.

All manufacturing costs and quality come from productivity. We have been optimizing our supply chain and improving our production facilities for ten years to ensure quality while increasing manufacturing efficiency to provide us with competitiveness in our industry and dominance of the market by our buyers.

We have inserted our production video in the introduction of the page, you can go to enjoy it

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