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Clear macaron boxes

We have clear blister packaging for 2/3/4/5/6/10/12/15/24 pcs macarons. MOQ1000PCS In addition, it can also be custom.

The most intuitive display of your exquisite dessert, food grade recyclable materials.

clear plastic macaron boxes
Macarone packing box with transparent window

Macaron packaging boxes with transparent window

Our selection of macaron packaging boxes offers you a choice of how you display these French desserts, For example, the cardboard boxes, which are 100% recyclable, display macarons side-by-side, giving people a view of these enticing treats through a clear window.

Magnet gift personalized macaron boxes

Custom your macaron gift box packaging in the way consumers like the best

High-Quality Gift Packaging Box at a Competitive Price

Paper gift macaron box
plastic Macaron Tower packaging (4)

4-6-8-10-12 Layer Macaron Tower

Macaron tower are designed to be the stand for your party snacks, such as vanilla macarons, strawberry macarons, cheese biscuits and etc. These towers have no sharp angles and will not easily fall over. The bottom section can be removed and replaced with a new one easily.

Our product is also perfect to accentuate the sweetness of a sweet-tooth wedding.

Ultimate Guide

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Macaron Packaging Boxes -Ultimate Guide

Table of Contents

Macarons are becoming more and more popular, which adds to the need for macaron packaging.

To meet the needs of people’s macaron packaging, Agreen Packaging offers macaron boxes, clear macaron boxes, plastic macaron containers, kraft macaron boxes, macaron plastic boxes, macaron tower, and other macarons containers. It will help display your macarons better.

Agreen packaging is a professional packaging manufacturer and can provide various colors and sizes of macaron packaging while also accepting customization.

5 popular styles of macaron packaging boxes

It’s a good idea to choose a food-grade transparent plastic box or spherical packaging for your individual macaron snacks

Plastic macaron containers-Gold supplier

Play Video about Macaron packing box

We have blister packaging for 2/3/4/5/6/10/12/15/24 pcs macarons.
These are the existing macaron blister inserts.

Macaroons are a delicate dessert. Let’s choose a delicate packaging to show these precious and fresh macarons.

Of course, if macarons can be more attractive if macarons could stand up to show. The following are our macaron packaging dimensions. Choose the size you need:

Common size’s Macaron Blister boxes(MOQ3000PCS)

Products NameDimensions after assemblyFit for Macaron Size
2pcs macaron blister2.56”x2.68”x2”Dia.1.75” x Height 1”
1 row x 2 slots
3pcs macaron blister3.74”x2.68”x2”Dia.1.75” x Height 1”
1 row x 3 slots
4pcs macaron blister5.04”x2.56”x2”Dia.1.75” x Height 1”
1 row x 4 slots
5pcs macaron blister5.99”x2.68”x2”Dia.1.75” x Height 1”
1 row x 5 slots
6pcs macaron blister7.28”x2.68”x2”Dia.1.75” x Height 1”
1 row x 6 slots
12pcs macaron blister7.28”x5.2”x2”Dia.1.75” x Height 1”
2 rows x 6 slots
24pcs macaron blister9.65”x8”x2”Dia.1.75” x Height 1”
4 rows x 6 slots

Medium Size’s Macaron Blister boxes (MOQ3000PCS)

Products NameMacaron Blister SizeFit for Macaron Size
5pcs macaron blister7.41”x2.52”x2”Dia.1.75” x Height 1.11”
1-row x 5 slots
10pcs macaron blister7.41”x5.04”x2”Dia.1.75” x Height 1.11”
2 rows x 5 slots
15pcs macaron blister7.58”x7.41”x2”Dia.1.75” x Height 1.11”
3 rows x 5 slots

Large Size’s Macaron Blister Boxes (MOQ3000PCS)

Products NameDimensions after assemblyFit for Macaron Size
5pcs macaron blister8.11”x2.3”x2”Dia.1.80” x Height 1.26”
1 row x 5 slots
10pcs macaron blister8.11”x4.57”x2”Dia.1.80” x Height 1.26”
2 rows x 5 slots

Macaron blister packaging cannot be printed any patterns or words instructions directly, so it looks a bit dull. If you match with an eco-friendly box to pack macarons, you improve your macarons garde in consumer’s eyes and rich your packaging by printing your logo, macaron toppings, and flavors on the box.

We have the boxes to match with 2/3/5/6/10/12/15 counts of macaron blisters. In addition to the existing sizes, other different sizes can be customized according to your requirements.

Also, the box printing can be customized. Agreen packaging supports screen printing, offset printing ( Full colors printing/CMYK ), hot gold/silver stamping, and other printing technologies. Whether you want white, pink, brown, gold, or different colors, Agreen Packaging can provide boxes in any color. If you have any ideas or creativity about printing, contact us forget the printing technology suggestion.

If you want to have different styles, please contact us for customization.

A transparent blister displays your macarons clearly, and each macaron has its own separate slot. It can prevent two macarons from sticking together and damaging the surface.
Macaron blister can be sold out alone. It also supports recycling and prevents macarons from falling off.

Macaron boxes can improve your macarons level, and the beautiful printing patterns on the boxes can also catch people’s eyes.

Sliding macaron food grade packaging boxes packaging

Many customers used the structure of macaron slider boxes with sleeves. Usually, there is a clear window on the sleeve lid to show the fresh macarons. This structure’s boxes can also be sold as a Christmas gift set

Macaron gift boxes packaging

The shape and structure of the macaron gift box will be diversified. The common forms are round, heart, paper tube, and magnet gift box

Macaron Tower packaging

Macaron tower is used for the macaron show shelf at weddings or parties. Because many people will join the weddings and parties, the small size’s macaron blister cannot meet demand. If you have any wedding or party bookings, try to use macaron tower, it will help you!

Macaron towers have a fixed size. You need to decide how many layers and the macaron quantity you need. Here below 4 layers of macaron tower details for reference:



Placed Upright

Placed Horizontally

1st Layer

0.41″ / 10.2CM



2nd Layer

0.5″ / 12.7CM



3rd Layer

0.61″ / 15.3CM



4th Layer

0.7″ / 17.8CM



4 tier macaron tower

6 tier macaron tower

6 tier macaron tower

10 tier macaron tower

Advantages of transparent macaron packaging.

A transparent blister displays your macarons clearly, and each macaron has its separate slot. It can prevent two macarons from sticking together and damaging the surface.

Macaron blister can be sold out alone. It also supports recycling and prevents macarons from falling off.

Macaron boxes can improve your macarons level, and the beautiful printing patterns on the boxes can also catch people’s eyes.

Don't worry about the material of the macaron boxes packaging.

All of our macaron packagings uses the Food Grade Material so that it can pack your macarons directly. Even the plastic macaron packaging is made from recyclable and Food Grade materials. So you don’t need to worry about the environmental issue of macaron packaging. They are all reusable.

The macaron plastic boxes are used Food Grade PET/PP material, the macaron paper boxes are used d Food Grade paper material, and the macaron blisters are made from Food Grade PET material.

The thickness of the material depends on the macaron packaging’s structure and size.

Custom Macaron Packaging Boxes

In addition to the existing 2/3/4/5/6/10/12/15/24pcs macaron blister and outer boxes, Agreen Packaging can customize the macaron blister with different capacities macaron boxes’ printing, Material, structure. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 3000cs per size when you need to customize the size. The actual costs depend on the packaging size, Material, quantity, etc. Plastic, be assured that we will give you a competitive price.

Production delivery time

Each of our macaron package orders is manufactured with brand-new materials after customers place the order. It makes sure the clear plastic macaron inserts have high transparency and high quality. The delivery time is usually 10 -12 workdays, if the order quantity large or urgent order, you can also contact us to deal with.

Safe packaging and assured delivery

After mass production is completed, our workers will check the macaron box and the macaron clear plastic tray one by one. It is for ensuring that each macaron’s package is good before packing.

The shipping box we used is 5 layers corrugated container. It has strong pressure resistance. It is very difficult to be crushed and deform during transportation. And there are 1% of spare parts, even if there are accidentally crushed in the transportation, it has enough spare parts to replace


Based on the current outbreak and the global transportation situation, we have many transportation options, like sea shipment, air shipment, and rail shipment.

The sea freight fee is much lower than the air freight fee when the goods are shipped to the same address, but it takes longer. Rail shipment is more suitable for landlocked countries with rail links to China.

Of course, we will offer you the different shipment plans and freight fees for reference so that you can choose the shipment way you want and the reasonable shipping costs.
Also, you can choose to use your own consignee account number or your shipping agent to deal with the shipment problems.

You need to provide your full address and tell us whether it is the business address or private residence address. Then we will calculate the actual shipping costs for you after the mass production is finished. Please notice, if you ship to your door at a residential address, the express company will have additional charges. We suggest delivering the goods to your business address to avoid unnecessary costs if you have a business address


We are the leading packaging design and manufacturer of macarone in China. Considering the cumbersome transportation and basic cost.Our minimum order quantity is usually 3000pcs per size, and the small size’s macaron blisters are 5000pcs at least. We don’t support the small quantity’s order, but if your friend also needs macaron packaging wholesale and the quantity is enough 3000pcs per size, you can order it together with your friend.

Please contact us on the contact page. We will contact you by email / online chat / telephone within 12 hours after receiving your inquiry, and then make a quotation to you.
After you confirm the price, we will send you a proforma invoice, and then you can clearly check the capacity, structure, size, materials, printing, quantity, production time and transportation cost of macaron packaging.

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