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Agreen packaging company is a manufacturers dedicated to promoting and manufacturing friendly eco-degradable recyclable clear plastic packaging boxes.

In addition to production, the most important thing is that Agreen packaging can provide our customers with the best clear box packaging solutions based on our professional experience.

Agreen packaging has transportation experience from China to any country. We can deliver the packaging box to every customer in a preferential, safe, and fast way.

clear Cosmetic plastic packaging box

Eco-friendly high transparent plastic material

We always use high light transmittance materials to produce transparent box packaging for every customer

Transparent plastic box forming workshop

Mature clear box packaging equipment group

We have dozens of automatic production equipment for professional clear box packaging, and some of the equipment is freely researched and developed. Designed specifically for some product structures.

Abundant structural designers - Custom Transparent Packaging Manufacturer

Abundant structural designers

We design and produce exclusive structures and sizes for each customer, which creates a brand effect. Increase repurchase rate

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Why are our products suitable for packaging in clear plastic boxes?

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The clear plastic packaging box looks simple and beautiful, very intuitive to display your products. clear box packaging is widely used in macarons, biscuits, gifts, chocolates, and other products. It can also use different shapes and materials according to your ideas, such as transparent pillow boxes or transparent plastic cylinder packaging, clear PVC packaging, or acrylic packaging boxes.

Consumers can quickly understand your products based on the clear box packaging, which can attract consumers’ attention to increase their desire to buy. Therefore, no other type of packaging can affect your target customers. Before ordering clear plastic box packaging for your product, you need to know more information to help you buy more suitable plastic packaging boxes.

Clear Transparent Plastic Boxes For Gifts

The perfect gift needs a good container. clear box packaging allows you to display the inside gifts 360°. Usually, almost all food gifts are used square clear transparent plastic boxes, you can open the box from the clear top, and the gift box is with lock bottom. If you want to make the gift box more dazzling, add some gold stamping foil or silver stamping foil patterns on the box, you can get it!

Transparent box packaging for cosmetics

Our high-quality beauty products and cosmetic plastic packaging boxes are tailored to show, attract and attract the specific needs of your business.

Not only can you design different specifications and sizes, but you can also customize any design of printing and internal fixed trays to solve product safety and display problems.

Transparent plastic box packaging is an indispensable helper in the sales of mobile phone cases. After comparing our purchase data with a large number of customers, the purchase volume of customers who prefer transparent packaging is increasing year by year, making it easier to form brands. We also help the United States and Russia As well as many Japanese and Korean brands design and continue to use plastic box packaging.

Clear Macaron Boxes packaging

Most clear macaron boxes are used fully clear box packaging with a beautiful silk ribbon. Or put a wave shape paper card into the box, which increases the aesthetics of the macaron box. The light hits your macaron through the clear lid, you will love that macaron!
All boxes can match with a blister tray, it can seal the macaron in the box and make sure its safety. Considering economic reasons, you can also use a blister insert or box separately.

Transparent Cake Boxes Wholesale

Whether you are running a cake shop or visiting relatives and friends, the transparent plastic cake box that can be fixed is undoubtedly the best choice.

Birthday cake transparent packaging box

Transparent cake box 4 6 8 10 12 inches double height cake packaging box square plastic birthday cake packaging boxes.

Disposable cake box Transparent three-in-one cake box heightened birthday baking package

Birthday cake transparent packaging box size

Transparent Boxes for Chocolates

While a part of chocolates is used paper packaging box, there’s no doubt that clear chocolate boxes are more attractive. The clear box packaging lets your eye lock directly inside the chocolate.
Rectangle transparent boxes are usually packed for 2,3,6 counts of chocolate balls or truffles. Sometimes the chocolate box match with a clear/black plastic insert tray and clear lid, this box can be opened with two sides.


Clear Lid Cookie Boxes

The clear lid cookie boxes are the lid with base box structure usually. On the one side, your customers can see through the inside delicious cookie from the clear lid packaging box. On another side, the box is easy to open, you can fast assemble your cookies every day, saving more labor to fold the clear plastic cookie boxes. Also, there is a “hard wall “ around the box, which can protect the cookies.

Clear Bath Bomb Boxes

Bath bombs are a popular skincare product, their packaging is various. The clear bath bomb boxes have clear box packaging with printing patterns or clear lid kraft boxes, these boxes are mainly for pack 1-3 bath bombs.

And the bath bomb clamshell packaging is usually packed 1 bath bomb, the clamshell is packed the inside bath bomb fully, which protects it. The clamshell packaging can also be used as the bath bomb mold. So many bath bomb stores choose this packaging.

The poly film is often wrapped in bath bombs. But if use the poly film alone, it is too low grade for this product. So you can use put several bath bombs with the poly film into the cardboard box or corrugated mailer box, as a gift set, it would be a good idea.

In addition, there is the cylinder tube packaging for bath bombs. Compared with the plastic cylinder, the cardboard tube cylinder is more expensive, but it can protect the bath bomb better. If your bath bomb has the THC ingredient, make a children-resistant cardboard tube.

clear Pillow Boxes packaging

clear plastic Pillow Boxes

The unique shape makes a big difference between pillow boxes and clear box packaging. You can open and fold from both ends of the plastic pillow boxes, it is very easy to fill your products from either side. Before folding the box, the pillow box is flat during transportation, after folding the box, the inside box cannot be easy to squeeze. So the clear pillow box is more saving volume than the acetate cylinder packaging, suitable for the small size of the product.

Transparent bag window pillow boxes

The popular colors of pillow boxes with clear windows have brown (kraft paper), black and white. Except for these colors, Agreen Packaging can customize the various colors and print for your pillow box.

Pillow Boxes With Clear Window

Acetate Cylinder Packaging boxes

Although the acetic acid cylinder packaging does not save volume, it is more attractive than transparent box packaging in your store. Without corners, safety is higher. The transparent acetate tube can be printed on the surface of the brand logo and explanatory text. Different diameters and heights can be customized. There are two options of seam tube and seamless tube, as well as a transparent tube with a hook. At the same time, we can produce PETG food-grade tubes.

Material of Clear Plastic Box Packaging

The commonly used material of clear box packaging has 3 types, PVC, PET, and PP.
The transparency of PP material is lower than the other two materials, so more customers will choose PVC and PET materials.
The price of PVC material is usually lower than PET material a little, but due to various reasons, PET has had a better price from 2020 until now (2021).
PET belongs to eco-friendly and Food Grade material, so it can touch food directly. If your products are macaroon, cookies, cake, chocolate, or other food, and want to use clear packaging containers so that PET clear box packaging would be a good choice.
There is a special material’s plastic clear box packaging —— anti-scratch clear plastic box packaging. Compared with clear packaging boxes of ordinary materials, one side of this scratch-proof material box is anti-scratch, when your products are selling on the shelf, don’t need to worry that the scratchy box will affect the product’s display effect. And our anti-scratch effect is 10% higher than the ordinary anti-scratch material in the market. If you want to be anti-scratch on both sides, it is also possible. You only need to print a layer of anti-scratch on the other side, of course, the cost of this material will be more than the other three materials a little.

Generally, the thick range of commonly used material is 0.3mm – 0.7mm ( 300 -700 microns ). If the dimensions of clear box packaging are larger, the material should be thicker. The material is thinner, the weight-bearing capacity of the box is smaller. We can advise material thickness according to your box dimensions.

clear material

Of course, Agreen Packaging offers a customize service for clear box packaging, including size, shape, printing, and structure.
At present, we have various sizes’ clear box packaging to choose. If you aren’t sure about the box size, please tell us what is the size of your products, we can advise the size according to your products. If you want to customize a special structure, you can send us a design or a picture of a similar box.
No matter whether you want a square box, square box, or other shape’s box, Agreen Packaging can customize the box according to your products. The unit of box size is in millimeters, so the final box size will be more suitable for your products.

Feature of Clear Box Packaging

Agreen Packaging is a Chinese professional packaging manufacturer in Shenzhen, so you can purchase good-quality clear box packaging at a low wholesale price.

Clear retail boxes are suitable for packing visually attractive products because they can show your products in all aspects so that your products can attract more attention, and the increase of people flow means that the purchasing power will also increase.

Sample time and cost

You may have a doubt: Can I get a sample before I order? Sure, it is possible.
When you need our existing sample, you only need to offer the address and pay the freight fee, and the sample will be shipped out on the day of receiving the freight fee, you will get the sample in about 3-5 days.
If you want to get the clear box packaging sample based on your design, the sample fee is usually $35, please recheck the sample fee with us if the box is large. After you confirmed the sample, we’ll not charge this box’s mold fee when you place an order with us.
The sample time is about 3-5 days, it depends on whether we have the material stock.

Mass production time and production process and payment method

  1. The mass production of clear box packaging is usually 10-12 days, the large quantity’s order may be increased 1-2 days.
    Production Process
  2. After you place an order, our designer will make a die-cut for your box and send it to you for confirmation.
  3. We will order the material and arrange to make the mass production mold based on the die-cut that you confirmed.
  4. Cutting the plastic material
  5. Gluing the plastic sheet to the box
  6. Packing the goods and putting them into the cartons, production completed.
  7. Sending the packing list and goods pictures to you, after we received the balance payment, we will arrange the shipment.

Delivery and shipping methods

Our ships can arrive all over the world, according to your address and requirements, we provide different shipping options:

  • By Air: Through DHL/UPS/FedEx/TNT/post and other international express transportation. It is fastest but relatively expensive, applicable to small orders (less than 100KG), about 5-7 days. Some counties have the faster shipment, only 3-5 days.
  • By Sea: Here are two types of service, the one is by Sea Door-to-Door which will including destination customs clearance and destination customs duties, most European and American countries have this service, large quantity’s order will be more suitable, and you don’t need to deal with customs clearance and tax, it is more convenient, time is about 35-40 days; another one is by Sea Port-to-Port ( excluding destination customs clearance and duties ) when some countries don’t have door-to-door service but order a larger quantity, the shipment by Sea Port-to-Port will be more suitable, you need to pick up the goods in the port, the time is about 30-35 days.
  • Your shipping agents or courier account: If you have your agents or courier account, your agent can pick up the goods in our factory.
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If you want to get the shipping costs, please send your address, then we can check the costs. Please note that if delivery to your door is required, please try to choose your business address, the shipping company will charge extra costs for delivery to a private residential address.


Problems worthy of attention in custom clear box packaging

Square, rectangle, transparent pillow box, transparent gift box with portable and round packaging boxes

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