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Sustainable, biodegradable, and recyclable skincare product boxes and cosmetic packaging will be a problem that must be considered and faced in the long-term development of cosmetics brands in 2023 and beyond.

If you are worried about the non-degradability of plastics and violating local environmental protection policies, and you give up using transparent plastic cosmetic packaging boxes, it is a nightmare. We continue to develop and improve the successful division and production process of transparent plastic materials. Up to now, we already have post-consumer recycled RPET materials (GRS and RCS dual certification) and Intertek certified anaerobic fully degradable and compostable ECOPET. It is fully adapted to the European Union countries and the United States, as well as Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asian markets.

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Introduction to the surface technology of sustainable cosmetics packaging boxes

Eco friendly cosmetic packaging The more popular processing techniques include CMYK printing, screen printing, UV printing, hot stamping, embossing, high-frequency soft thread and easy-to-assemble automatic bottom structure.

Introduction to the surface technology of sustainable cosmetics packaging boxes
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ECOPET Biodegradable transparent plastic material

After intertek laboratory testing and certification, our ecopet materials can achieve a degradation rate of 8.03%-8.98% within 45 days. After being completely degraded, it will be converted into carbon compounds and water, which can be absorbed by plants. Achieve compostable effect.

GRS & RCS post-consumer recycling of RPET materials

Provide post-consumer recycling and reuse of RPET materials to make eco-friendly packaging for skincare products and beauty tools.

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Clear Plastic Cosmetic Packaging Boxes-Ultimate guide

We produce innovative, customized transparent packaging for health and beauty products, everything from cosmetics, skincare products, hair care products to toothpaste, vitamins, and pain relief products. Our top-level plastic packaging boxes for beauty products and health products are designed to display, attract and attract your company’s specific retail audience.

Provide your business with creative and clear plastic beauty and health product packaging design services! We make customized product packages for customers targeting specific industry marketing and consumer retail goals, and request online quotations!

Table of Contents

skincare packaging clear gift box set

Grooming gift set combines APET printed carton with vacuum formed insert. Show what’s in the box by printing choice areas.

Cosmetic plastic containers are one of the most popular packaging methods on the market. Its unique partial transparency and complete opacity after partial printing are unmatched by other packaging materials. agreen packaging is good at using 30%-100% post-consumer recycled RPET materials to produce various kinds of makeup plastic container packaging. Welcome to consult with us.

Clear PET folding box for beauty travel kit

Custom your cosmetic travel set transparent plastic box packaging

Fixed inserts and colorful transparent plastic box packaging are designed according to different sizes of cosmetics. This design uses laser metal LOGO, which is now luxurious.

The perfect fusion of clear plastic box and gift carton

The inherent bright color characteristics of the printing of paper products match the transparent shell, which is a perfect combination of travel cosmetics packaging.

Perfume PET clear plastic box packaging

Drawer type mini perfume plastic box packaging

The transparent PET folding packaging makes your products shine. Full-color CMYK printing with translucent and opaque effects

Translucent CMYK printed anti-scratch perfume packaging box

The transparent PET folding packaging makes your products shine. Full-color CMYK printing with translucent and opaque effects

Perfume PET clear Plastic box packaging

With 5th-panel mascara plastic box packaging

Perfume can not only be sold in individual packaging or wholesale but also can be combined with other beauty products to form a gift set. Not only can the superimposed sales of products be completed, but also the variety of products and design expansion can be increased.

Round transparent plastic perfume packaging box

Suspended clear color printing round tube perfume packaging design

This kind of transparent plastic tube perfume packaging is designed as a 360° display packaging. The upper and lower ends of the interior are inserted into transparent thermoformed blister inner supports, similar to two transparent palms suspending perfume in the air.

Don’t worry about the special shape or structure of your perfume bottle. We have rich experience in making various fixtures to protect your luxurious perfume. Commonly used multiple solutions such as blister packaging, EVA, or sponge.

5th panel hanger with cmyk full color printing PET plastic box

With 5th-panel mascara plastic box packaging

5th-panel hanger with CMYK full color printed PET boxes. Brilliant cosmetic packaging design with vibrant graphics featuring realistic skin tones and metallic

Show the features of your mascara on a large area

The transparent PET folding packaging makes your products shine. Full-color CMYK printing with translucent and opaque effects

For small-size beauty products, we have received general responses from customers that it is difficult to fix product components and there is not enough space to introduce products and brand promotion. agreen packaging The fifth side of the advertising space achieved reverse growth.

Transparent plastic folding carton for personal care products

Transparent plastic folding carton for personal care eyelash curler

The eyelash curler is packaged with a transparent plastic box container and a transparent fixed insert.
Visually display product details and ensure safe transportation.
Usually, around or flange hole is designed on the top for the hanging and neat arrangement of the shelf

Toothbrush transparent eco plastic box packaging

Clear PET toothbrush plastic Packaging box with Customized. The fifth side design is added to perfectly expand the advertising area. Full and maximized product details introduction and promotion.Single toothbrush packaging, family toothbrush set. Biodegradable plastic boxes are the best choice

Beauty sponge plastic round packaging box

Beauty makeup sponge Round plastic tube packaging, Numerous actual production cases, free samples, and quick samples. Whether it is a square box or a transparent round plastic box, the size and external design can be customized. We provide free case reference and design services.

ECOPET transparent plastic packaging box for comb

Transparent plastic box packaging for hair comb products. A variety of transparent plastic box packaging structure designs. It is usually made of biodegradable eco pet material. CMYK full-color printing.

Eyelashes transparent packaging box

The eyelash transparent packaging box is an important assembly component to increase the sales of false eyelashes. A combination of a blister inner support and a transparent colored outer box or a combination of a magnetic gift box and a transparent thermoformed inner support is often used.

makeup brush set packaging boxes

Enjoy design and customization services. Use the exquisite customized cosmetic brush packaging box to add elegance to your products. We manufacture and produce single or combined packages of various sizes of cosmetic brushes. Color CMYK printing and the choice of aluminum foil LOGO are the most sought-after crafts for cosmetic packaging boxes.

Shower gel, cleaning products, cosmetics packaging

eco friendly skincare packaging for shower gel

There is a thermoformed blister clamp at the bottom of this shower gel cosmetic packaging box, which can fix the product and cannot move. Let the product stand out in the skincare packaging design.

eco friendly skincare packaging for shower gel

More eco friendly cosmetic containers case


Problems worthy of attention in custom pretty makeup packaging

Face masks, perfumes, shampoos, sunscreens, shower gels, eye shadows and any cosmetics around you have cases of transparent plastic packaging.

Different plastic materials can be selected for different application scenarios, such as PET, RPET, ECOPET, PP, PVC, etc. According to the different application scenarios, it is recommended that you view the detailed plastic material introduction

Of course, you can use thermoformed blister brackets to fix any of your products. This is the transparent fixed part with the lowest cost and the shortest production time so far. It can be made not only of transparent PVC or PET but also of various colors of PP or PS.
At the same time, if your product needs to strengthen cushioning, you can also use EVA to make pallets.

The answer is yes, the more noble the material, the easier it is to “injure”. Don’t worry, we can add a protective film on the surface, coat the surface of the transparent material with an anti-scratch coating or print a color pattern + anti-scratch oil. On the one hand, it isolates static electricity, and at the same time, it can reach 3H hardness to avoid fingerprints, transportation, and display scratches.

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